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Mining and explosive engineers use science and engineering principles to safely extract minerals and provide raw materials for industrial processes.

Mining and explosive engineers work in all kinds of mines and environments to provide critical materials (e.g. lithium and rare earth elements) and other resources (e.g. aggregates, metals, diamonds, and industrial minerals like gypsum) to support our way of life.



All first-time students who declare the major of Mining Engineering for Fall 2023 are eligible for a renewable $4,000 Scholarship. This is an automatic, stackable scholarship. For more details, email Donna Arthur at

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Research in Mining and Explosives Engineering

S&T faculty and students are engaged in all aspects of minerals and explosives research to ensure the mines of the future are safe, have a low ecological footprint, and the use of energetic materials is safe and effective. 

As the world transitions to green energy systems, the projected demand for critical minerals such as rare earth elements, lithium, cobalt and copper is orders of magnitude higher than current demand. Explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics are increasingly relevant to industry and national defense.

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