Sustainable Minerals and Resources

Mining and explosives engineering faculty members, through the Thomas J. O’Keefe Institute for Sustainable Supply of Strategic Minerals, are developing technology and tools that facilitate sustainable supply of strategic minerals for the United States. 


Our research on sustainable minerals and resources includes developing new processes to recover critical minerals as byproducts from existing processes and new sources, identifying new sources of critical minerals within the United States, assessing life-cycle-based criticality of existing and new processes for critical mineral recovery, and assessing sustainability and environmental mitigation of potential hazards of existing and new processes.


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Dr. Lana Alagha

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Mineral Processing, Critical and Strategic Minerals, Surface Chemistry, Tailing Management, Nanotechnology, Rare Earth Extraction, Separation Science, Oil Sand Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Dr. Kwame Awuah-Offei

Union Pacific / Rocky Mountain Energy Professor and Department Chair

Research Interests

Sustainability, Mine Reclamation, Modeling, Simulation and Optimization

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