Faculty Directory

Dr. Lana Alagha

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Mineral Processing, Critical and Strategic Minerals, Surface Chemistry, Tailing Management, Nanotechnology, Rare Earth Extraction, Separation Science, Oil Sand Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Dr. Kwame Awuah-Offei

Union Pacific / Rocky Mountain Energy Professor and Department Chair

Research Interests

Sustainability, Mine Reclamation, Modeling, Simulation and Optimization

Personal website: https://mining-sustainability.com/ 

Dr. Alexander Douglas

Assistant Teaching Professor

Research Interests

Data analytics, Haul road monitoring, Mine Automation, Remote Sensing, and Operational Safety



Dr. Samuel Frimpong

Professor and Robert H. Quenon Endowed Chair

Research Interests

Mine Automation and Intelligent Mining Systems, Formation Excavation Engineering, Synthetic and Renewable Energy, Machine Dynamics and Fatigue Modeling, Minerals and Energy Economics, and Safety, Health, and Hazards Engineering

Dr. Catherine Johnson

Robert H. Quenon Associate Professor

Research Interests

Environmental Considerations of Blasting, Fragmentation Prediction, Biological Effects of Shock Exposure, Explosibility of Dusts

Dr. Kyle Perry

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Explosion protection, Mine Blasting Effects, Dust Explosions, Ground Control



Dr. Taghi Sherizadeh

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Computational Mechanics; Numerical Statistical, and Probabilistic Modeling in Rock Mechanics, Rock Slope Stability and Stability of Underground Excavations, Application of Numerical Modeling in Underground and Surface Mining, Reservoir Geomechanics (Wellbore Stability, Hydraulic Fracturing, and Sane Production), Geomechanical Aspects of CO2 Sequestration, Geothermal Energy Recovery, Assessment of Nuclear Waste Disposal Sites, Pore Pressure and In-Situ Stress Analysis, Compaction and Subsidence Modeling, Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, and Genetic-Algorithms)



Dr. Guang Xu

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Mine Ventilation, Particulate Matter (PM) Monitor and Control, Fire Safety, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Personal Website: https://www.xu-guang.com



Affiliated and Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Mahelet Fikru

Associate Professor, Economics and Mining Engineering

Research Interests
Dr. Grzegorz Galecki

Emeritus Associate Professor

Dr. Kelly Homan

Associate Professor, Mechanical and Mining Engineering

Research Interests

Fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics of energy systems. Heat and mass transfer in buoyant flows, second-law and exergy analysis, numerical simulation of transport phenomena and experimental Methods. 

Dr. Marek Locmelis

Associate Professor, Geology and Geophysics/Petroleum Engineering, Mining Engineering

Research Interests

Geochemistry, petrology, planetary evolution and analytical chemistry.  Investigating the fundamental processes that underlie the formation of metal deposits in Earth's interior and on Mars.

For additional information regarding Dr. Locmelis's research, please see his website, or select here for publications.

Dr. Gillian Worsey

Adjunct Professor