Ground Control

Mining and explosives engineering faculty members conduct novel ground-control research related to rock mass response during and after excavation (including blasting). This research includes rock laboratory testing, rock mass characterization, numerical modeling, ground  movement monitoring, ground support design and effective blasting approaches.

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Dr. Kyle Perry

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Explosion protection, Mine Blasting Effects, Dust Explosions, Ground Control



Dr. Taghi Sherizadeh

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Computational Mechanics; Numerical Statistical, and Probabilistic Modeling in Rock Mechanics, Rock Slope Stability and Stability of Underground Excavations, Application of Numerical Modeling in Underground and Surface Mining, Reservoir Geomechanics (Wellbore Stability, Hydraulic Fracturing, and Sane Production), Geomechanical Aspects of CO2 Sequestration, Geothermal Energy Recovery, Assessment of Nuclear Waste Disposal Sites, Pore Pressure and In-Situ Stress Analysis, Compaction and Subsidence Modeling, Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, and Genetic-Algorithms)